Commercial Permits


Permits, inspections and occupancy approval are required for commercial and industrial properties. Plans requiring structural work shall be stamped by an Illinois Licensed Architect or Structural Engineer.
If you are unsure whether a permit is needed, please call (847) 918-2020.

Submittal Requirements

The following list gives the submittal requirements for the most common commercial projects. If plans are ready for review, but the contractors have not been decided upon, submit a Plan Review Application in place of the Construction Permit Application. Submit the Construction Permit Application once the contractors for the project are known.


Type of Project Submittal Requirements
Air Conditioning
(New or replacement, including rooftop units. Screening required)
Building Demolition
Electrical Service
(Outside disconnect required. Work must be done by licensed and insured electrician)
Furnace / Boiler
In-Ground Sprinkler System (RPZ Required)
Interior Remodel (with existing tenant)
Job Trailer
New Building
New Window Openings
Occupancy of a Space
(with no remodel work)
  • Application for Occupancy
  • Occupancy Walk-Through with Building Commissioner and Fire Marshal to be scheduled after Zoning approval of application.
Sales Trailer
  • 2 sets of plans (meet Illinois Accessibility Code)
  • Site Plan with trailer location marked
  • Ramp/Stair Plan 
  • Parking Lot Plan (including striping and accessible stalls) 
  • Construction Permit Application
Security System
Sewer Repair
Siding, Gutters, Fascia
Tenant Buildout
Tree Removal (click link title for Tree Ordinance)
  • May require Appearance Review Commission approval
  • Plat of Survey with trees to be removed marked
  • Plat of Survey with replacement tree locations marked
  • Tree Survey from a Certified Arborist with species, DBH (size), condition of trees to be removed, and group identification based on Appendix A of Village Tree Ordinance.
  • List of species of replacement trees
  • Construction Permit Application