Lake County Division of Transportation Shared Use Path Interactive Map

Lake County Division of Transportation recently shared their interactive map of Shared Use Paths Planned for the Future.   Walking, biking, and running are all activities that can take place on a shared use path.  

You can view the shared use paths that are currently available and planned by Lake County for the future through their interactive map. Planned shared use paths in the Lake County Division of Transportation's (LCDOT) 5-Year Plan are shown in purple on the map, and paths in the 2040 Non-Motorized Plan are shown in red.   

Click Here to View the Interactive Map

The Lake County Division of Transportation Five Year Transportation Improvement Program shows all of the planned projects over the next five years, including preservation, modernization, and expansion projects. Click Here to view the interactive dashboard to see the projects LCDOT will be working on.

Project Tracker is the software LCDOT utilizes to plan projects and has been made available for public viewing. Project Tracker shows project location and scope, funding information by year, and more. Project Tracker is very detailed and while it takes some time to learn how it works, it provides a deep dive into information and data. Click Here for the Project Tracker.