Fee Estimation Tool

The Stormwater Utility Fee Estimation Tool is available for existing Village utility customers who know their utility account number. If you need to lookup your account number, please refer to this link or call the Water Billing Department at (847) 918-2007.

Note that this utility is available for those who are direct water and sewer customers of the Village. If you do not receive a utility bill from the Village because you are part of an association, your association representative will need to use the account numbers listed on the bill or bills for the association to determine the aggregate stormwater utility fee for the development. The decision on how to allocate the stormwater utility fee to each property within the association will need to be made by association itself.

This database is subject to periodic updates in advance of the September 1, 2021 fee launch. The projections provided by the lookup tool are estimates only and subject to final data quality control checks by Village staff.

Finally, customers are encouraged to review the Stormwater Utility Fee Information page, accessible from the left-hand menu prior to retrieving fee estimates.

Click here to access the Fee Estimation Tool

Last Data Update - 9/16/2021

Note: We have received sporadic reports that the Fee Estimation Tool does not load properly on certain Mac-based PCs and Laptops.    iPhones do not appear to be impacted. Please refer to this link to confirm browser compatibility.