Listening Sessions

The Village of Libertyville is holding regular small-group meetings with Libertyville business owners and managers to learn more about the challenges and successes they are facing in an effort to better understand their circumstances and the local business climate.  The latest series was held in February 2022, additional Sessions will be held virtually on the dates reflected below. Each session is anticipated to last up to 60 minutes. Sessions will be moderated by members of the Village Board and Economic Development Commission. 

At the completion of all Sessions, a summary document is to be published, participant names and businesses will not be identified.  The February 2022 report is available  here for viewing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Restaurant/Retail 9:30 AM
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Office/Service 2:00 PM
To register for a session,  follow the link below when posted (approximately 30 day prior to meeting). If a desired session is unavailable, email staff to be notified if additional sessions or seats are added.

Should you have questions related to this program or if you wish to relay feedback about a business experience or the Listening Session program, please contact Heather Rowe, Economic Development Manager.