Request for Administrative Adjudication Hearing - Non Appearance Submission & Waiver

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Any person who has been served a violation notice for a qualifying vehicle, ordinance, or building code related violation and who is not a resident of the Village of Libertyville may contest the alleged violation on its merits without personally appearing before a Hearing Officer.

This form must be completed in its entirety, including a certified statement of facts specifying the grounds for challenging the violation notice.

It cannot be used for red light violations, traffic or criminal citations.

Do NOT complete and submit this form if you wish to contest a parking, ordinance, or building code violation in person. Go back to the Administrative Adjudication page and click on the link for Administrative Adjudication Hearing Request

Upon submitting this form, the Libertyville Police Department will schedule you for the next available hearing date. You will be mailed a hearing notice within 3 business days of your submission. If you do not receive a hearing notice or need additional information, please contact us at (847) 918-2038
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