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Construction Advisory - Lange Ct - Underground Improvements

Schedule Update
The sanitary sewer installation in progress is expected to continue to the middle of next week, and will be followed by the start of storm sewer installation, expected to last about four (4) working days. Additionally, installation of the water main is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 27 and last approximately three (3) days. Following installation, the new water main will be pressure tested, chlorinated, and sampled. After completion of all the above activities, the contractor will begin installation of the water services.
Note: All schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors.
You will experience at least one temporary water service interruption during this project and will receive advance notice of any scheduled service interruption. Please watch for a bright pink door hanger for additional information regarding a water service interruption.
During construction of the sanitary and storm sewer, access to your driveways will continue to be limited. We will have your driveways open by the end of each day. The contractor will make every effort to keep the sidewalks open at all times so that you can get to your homes.

Water Service Information
(previously included in Construction Advisory #1)
As a reminder and in accordance with Village Ordinance, water lines from the b-box (shut off valve) into your home are owned and maintained by individual property owners. Existing water lines are likely 3/4” copper or may be constructed of 5/8” or 3/4” lead. Lead water lines were commonly installed prior to World War II.
If you think your home may have a lead water service, please contact our Streets & Utilities Division at (847) 362-3434 to arrange an inspection for confirmation. If we confirm that a lead service exists in your home, we can provide you with information on a new Village incentive program for voluntary lead service replacement.
If desired, you may wish to consider replacement of the private portion of your water service. The cost and arrangements for replacement of private water services (as noted above) is the responsibility of individual property owners. Unfortunately the Village’s contractor cannot perform this work. If you are considering replacement of the private portion of your water service, please refer to the attached Private Water Service Replacement – Additional Information for Property Owners and contact the Engineering Division at (848) 918-2100 as soon as possible. Again, water service lines from the new water main to the b-box are being replaced as part of the overall project at no cost to property owners.

Important Information About Your Drinking Water and Lead Exposure
(previously included in Construction Advisory #1)
This water main construction project may affect the lead content of your drinking water supply. Lead, a metal found in natural deposits, is harmful to human health, especially young children. Lead in water supplies usually occurs through corrosion of plumbing products containing lead. The Village’s domestic water supplier, CLCJAWA, includes a corrosion prohibitor, orthophosphate, in the water to coat pipes and fixtures.
The water main and service line replacement construction may result in sediment, possibly containing lead, and may temporarily increase lead levels in the water supply to affected residents. Village projects follow all IEPA requirements for this type of work. If you wish to have your water tested during or after the project, you may wish to contact the Lake County Environmental Laboratory. The Lab is located at the County’s Central Permit Facility at 500 West Winchester Road in Libertyville. Please call the Lab directly for more information at 847-377-8030 or 847-377-8017.
This notice is provided for informational purposes only. It’s not known for certain whether this particular construction project will adversely affect the lead content of your drinking water. However, studies suggest best practices for preventing lead consumption in drinking water, for example:

  1. Clean all aerators (screen at the faucet discharge) during and after the replacement work. It is also recommended to allow the water to run for several minutes with the aerator removed.
  2. Use bottled water for consumption purposes until the water main project is complete.
  3. Run your water for one to five minutes before using it for consumption.
  4. If your private water service is made of lead, consider replacing it.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory or the upcoming work, please contact the Engineering Office at (847) 918-2100 or Joe Kafka (Resident Engineer with Gewalt Hamilton Associates) at (847) 344-4499 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
For any problems which may develop after hours, please call the Police non-emergency number (847) 362-2131, and they will contact the proper personnel for follow-up.
We will do everything we can to minimize the disruption and inconvenience caused by the construction work. Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience during this project.
Fred Chung, Senior Project Engineer            Joe Kafka, Senior Engineering Technician
Village of Libertyville                                       Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

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