Appendix P - Stormwater Management Regulations

The Village of Libertyville has adopted a local amendment to the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO): Appendix P – Stormwater Management Regulations. These regulations establish requirements and guidance for the provision of stormwater management for smaller developments that would otherwise fall beneath the detention thresholds of the WDO.

The Appendix P regulations are applied to developments that result in a net increase of impervious surface area of 400 square feet or greater, up to 0.5-acre of area as is defined in the WDO.

These regulations are defined in the links included below, along with required submittal documents and referenced exhibits.
Appendix P – Stormwater Management Regulations (August 14, 2019)
Appendix P – Project Data & Checklist
Appendix P – Worksheet P-2
Appendix P - Exhibit 1
Appendix P - Exhibit 2
Appendix P – Summary of Revisions Memorandum