Levels of Service and Priorities

Street System

Each street in the Village has a designation as a priority one, two or three street. 

Priority One: Defined as arterials, collectors, emergency routes and school routes (on school days). These streets receive more frequent plowing and/or additional deicers applied, primarily due to heavier traffic volumes. Under most conditions, these streets are plowed curb to curb and deicers applied before priority two streets begin.

Priority Two: Residential, non-primary routes (includes cul-de-sacs) which typically do not have heavy traffic volumes. Generally cleared after the priority one streets are complete. Snow is plowed curb to curb.

Priority Three: Alleys are cleared toward the end of snow events.

Parking Lots

Snow plowing of various public, commuter and Parks Department parking lots is performed by a contractor hired by the Village. Snow plowing of the lots is usually completed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 within the 24 hour period when there is minimal traffic and cars parked. 
Downtown Sidewalks & Parking Lots done by Village Staff For a larger view of the map, place your cursor on top of the map, a magnifying glass will show in place of the cursor and you can scroll the magnifying glass to make the map larger.