Rockland Road Area

Existing Conditions
Water from the resulting runoff ponds in the roadway sags on Fourth Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Windsor Terrace and Seventh Avenue make these roadways impassable and structure flooding occur as well. The existing storm sewer at Second Street and Rockland surcharges resulting in overland flow being directed towards the roadway sag on Second Street. The existing storm sewer system does not have adequate capacity and the overland flow routes through residential properties are insufficient.

Proposed Improvements
As part of the Rockland Road reconstruction project, a new main line storm sewer will be installed along Rockland Road between Prairie Avenue to the Des Plaines River. Later phases will include installing connecting storm sewers along Wrightwood Terrace, Seventh Avenue and Fourth Avenue. The proposed Lincoln Avenue storm sewer system will be connected to the Rockland Road main line storm sewer by the Wrightwood Avenue lateral.
Project Cost:  $7,329,830 (2018 Dollars)

Rockland Road Area Existing Conditions
Rockland Road Area Proposed Improvements