Liberty Bell and Fourth

Existing Conditions
Runoff ponds in the Fourth Avenue roadway sag and causes structure flooding. In addition, due to the absence of suitable existing overland flow routes, structure flooding also results from the large tributary area to the west. The existing storm sewer system also has insufficient capacity and the existing outfalls at the Riverside Park pond are deteriorated.

Proposed Improvements
Install new, larger storm sewers along Fourth Avenue, Liberty Bell Lane and Golf Road. Connect both of these proposed storm sewer systems into the new trunk sewer along Golf Road and provide a new parallel outfall at Riverside Park. Restore the existing overland flow paths between the side and rear yards of the homes on the west side of Fourth Avenue and provide high capacity inlets on the sewer system.
Project Cost: $4,372,640 (2018 Dollars) 

Liberty Bell and Fourth Existing Conditions
Liberty Bell and Fourth Proposed Improvements