Interlaken Lane

Existing Conditions
The existing storm sewer system has insufficient capacity and the rear yards are low in comparison to the street elevations. Storm sewer surcharging first occurs in the rear yards and the overland flow route out of rear yards is below home elevations.

Proposed Improvements
Increase the storm sewer size (conveyance and intake capacity) along Interlaken Lane and extend the sewer through the rear yards to Sherborne Court. Connect the two existing storm sewer systems along Sherborne Court and install a new storm sewer to drain Sherborne Court detention basin. Extend this new sewer and connect to the proposed sewer along Winchester Road.

Project Cost: $1,182,230 (2018 Dollars) 

Interlaken Lane Existing Conditions
See Winchester Road Area for Proposed Improvements.  The Winchester Road proposed improvements will need to be completed before the Interlaken Lane proposed improvements can proceed.