Copeland Manor

Existing Conditions
There is a very large tributary area from the west side of Milwaukee Avenue and the current storm sewer system has insufficient capacity to convey flows. In addition, there are no safe overland flow routes.

Proposed Improvements 
Install a new main line storm sewer along Glendale Road from Wrightwood Terrace to the Des Plaines River.  Remove and replace the existing storm sewers along 4th Avenue west of Copeland Manor Elementary School and on the school property.  The new sewer system would then connect into a new storm sewer along 7th Avenue. This new sewer would then connect into the proposed Glendale Road storm sewer and have a parallel outfall to the Des Plaines River.

Project Cost: $6,491,370 (2018 Dollars)
Copeland Manor Existing Conditions
Copeland Manor Proposed Improvements