Citizen's Information Center

Elected, Appointed & Administrative Officials

The Village website includes contact information, including name, phone number, and an electronic contact method for all elected officials, the Village Administrator, and the Department Head for each Village department.

Meeting Information

The Village website includes agendas for all future meetings of the Village Board and Committees along with the Village Board packets and minutes. This information remains on the Village's website for five years. Meeting dates may be changed, and meetings may be cancelled, subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

Development Process

The development process may differ depending on the size, scope and type of project.  Whether a resident or developer, please review our developer guide for a summary of the submittal/approval process.

Development Guide

Public Records

The Village website includes the name, address, phone number, and an electronic contact method for the Village Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, along with the address, phone number, and electronic submission method for FOIA requests. The website also includes the FOIA process response time and any fees charged by the Village for FOIA responses.


The Village website includes the detailed budget for the current year along with a minimum of 5 prior years. Please note: These files are large and may take longer to download.

Financial Audits

The Village website includes the comprehensive annual financial reports  for the most recently audited year and a minimum of 5 prior years.

Expenditures & Revenues

Each Village Board Agenda includes the list of bills approved by the Village Board at that specific meeting.

Revenues are outlined in each annual budget. They can be found in the revenue section under the budget summary in each budget document.

Salary & Benefits

The website includes the total wages for each individual by position and benefits, in accordance with Public Act 97-0609.



The Village is a member of the following taxpayer funded associations that lobby on behalf of the Village of Libertyville, as part of regular membership.

  • Northwest Municipal Conference
  • Illinois Municipal League
  • Lake County Municipal League
  • Chicago Metro Mayor's Caucus

Taxes and Fees

  • Current Fee Ordinance
  • Hotel/Motel Tax - 5%
  • Sales Tax - 7%
  • Telecommunications Tax - 6% (Village share only)
  • Natural Gas Utility Tax - 0%
  • Electric Utility Tax - 4.5% approx. (rate varies based on usage levels)
  • Cable Franchise Fee - 5%
  • Non-Home Rule Sales Tax - 1%
  • Special Non-Home Rule Sales Tax (effective January 1, 2023) - 0.5%

If you have additional questions on any of these taxes please contact the Village Hall at 847-362-2430.