Board Committees


Each of the Village Board Trustees is assigned chairmanship of a committee or commission and serve on two other committees. The committees are:


  • Trustee Hickey - Chair
  • Trustees Adams and Rooney
  • Staff liaison: Director of Finance
  • Meets quarterly to review the annual Village budget and make recommendations to the Village Board
  • Agendas

Fire & Police

  • Mayor Donna Johnson - Chair
  • Trustees Connell and Rooney
  • Staff liaison: Administrator
  • Meets quarterly to review and recommend action regarding the police and fire department operations
  • Agendas

Parks and Recreation

  • Trustee Garrity - Chair
  • Trustees Krummick and Connell
  • Staff liaison: Recreation Director 
  • Meets on the first Tuesday of each month to review development and maintenance of parks and recreational programming
  • Agendas

Public Works

  • Trustee Adams - Chair
  • Trustees Garrity and Krummick
  • Staff liaison: Director of Public Works
  • Meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month to review and make recommendations to the Board regarding traffic management, parking issues, maintenance, capital improvement programs for streets, water and sewer systems in the Village.