Joint Road Rehabilitation Program

Since 2019 the Village has partnered with Mundelein and Vernon Hills for a joint bid road rehabilitation program in order to receive advantageous competitive unit price bids based upon an “economies of scale” from larger contract quantities.  Peter Baker & Son, Co. was awarded the contract on March 23, 2021.  Work began in mid-July 2021 and will be complete by Fall 2021.  The Pavement Assessment Report completed in 2019 was utilized to select the following streets that will be rehabilitated.  Click Here to view the Pavement Assessment Report.  

Street  From  To Approx. Length
Victory Drive  Butterfield Road  Dead End 0.27 miles
Crane Blvd. Butterfield Road  Dead End 0.18 miles 
Stevenson Drive  Lothair Drive Dead End  0.15 miles 
Pine Tree Lane  Butterfield Road  Dead End  0.28 miles 
Nordic Court  Crane Blvd. Crane Blvd.  0.36 miles 
Carter Street  W. Austin Avenue  Dead End  0.16 miles 
N. Stewart Avenue  W. Maple Street  Park Avenue (Rte. 176)  0.12 miles 
Wedgemere Place  E. Rockland Road  E. Lincoln Avenue  0.09 miles 
    Total  1.63 miles