Charles Brown Reservoir Restoration & Pump Replacement

The Charles Brown Reservoir, which serves as the outfall for the Highlands Subdivision that consists of Ames Street, Burdick Street, Carter Street, Dawes Street, Drake Street, Crane Boulevard and Rockland Road (a 550-acre tributary area), drains to the Seavey Ditch by a pump station.  The reservoir provides approximately 80 acre-feet of detention.  The improvements include retrofitting 10.7 acres of wetland area and construction of three sediment forebays, mass site grading, storm sewer improvements, pump upgrades and all necessary restoration.  The Village was awarded an IEPA 319 grant towards this project.  This grant is awarded to projects to address water quality issues relating directly to nonpoint source pollution.  As part of the restoration project, staff is recommending replacement of the current pumps, which consist of three high-flow pumps and one low-flow pump, all of which have reached the end of their useful service life.  Public Works staff anticipates construction beginning in October 2019.